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Boucherie Montréal - Producteurs québécois - Ferme Lochette

Ferme Lochette

Established in Mont Saint-Grégoire in the Montérégie region, Ferme Lochette has been offering exceptional quality Quebec lamb for nearly 20 years.

Pierre Waridel and Michelle Cossette's project began in 1980 with a dairy farm. Reaching production quotas without becoming a mass producer being nearly impossible, they preferred to shift their focus and by 2003 they specialized in sheep production. "It was quite a gamble, but looking back, we can say we made the right choice," says Pierre. A few years later, the reins of the family business were gradually transferred to their son Alexis who officially took over in 2017. He thus becomes the third generation of farmers.


Alexis - Ferme Lochette


Alexis was educated to raise animals with the utmost respect and to ensure their well-being starting from the moment they are born. He sums up that "to have quality lamb, with a nice tenderness, you have to treat them well. It's not rocket science." Special attention is also paid to the animal diet. Unlike mass-produced lambs, Ferme Lochette’s lambs are fed corn and soybeans that are harvested from the organically managed fields directly behind the farm.

When not on pasture, the three hundred or so sheep are separated in the large barn by breed, sex, gestation time for ewes and weaning time for lambs. Of these, about 15 lambs between six and seven months old leave the barn each week.


Agneau du Québec - Ferme Lochette

Three breeds of ewes are raised here and each one has been selected for its main quality: the Dorset (black muzzle and legs, white wool) for their strong growth and maternal instinct, the Romanov (black head, grey wool) for their great fertility and good milk production and finally, the Suffolk (black head and extremities, white wool) for their exceptional meat quality but also for their strong rams to ensure reproduction. Depending on the needs of the farm, Alexis then crosses the best of each breed to enhance their vigor and hardiness.

Among the many lamb breeders in Quebec, few transform and market their product in addition to ensuring production. This is a real added value for Ferme Lochette because they can offer a wider variety of cuts as well as provide some of the top restaurants.


Ferme Lochette - Agneau
You can discover the excellent products of Ferme Lochette by visiting our Lamb section. If you are looking for inspiration, we suggest you try the saddle of lamb, a piece that deserves to be known and that will allow you to appreciate all the know-how of Alexis and his family.

  Ferme Lochette