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Whole Quebec foie gras

600 g

Whole Quebec foie gras

Give free rein to your culinary fantasies with this whole lobe of duck foie gras:  you can transform it into a terrine, pan sear it to serve it hot or even use it to upgrade your favourite stuffing. As it melts very little during the cooking thanks to the high quality artisan production, it is the ideal ingrediant to transform your holiday meal into instant success!

Running out of time? Get your lobe deveined for an additional $20.


All the ducks that we work with come from La Canardière farm. La Canardière is a family owned business that has been established in Quebec since 1988 and specializes in a traditional method of raising ducks exclusively on whole corn. Their know-how has been shared for several generations and makes La Canardiere’s ducks an exceptional product recognized by dozens of chefs across the country's top restaurants.

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