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Burger de boeuf Édouard et Léo

Beef burger Édouard and Léo

For us, warmer days mean gourmet evenings with friends. What’s better than a delicious burger to celebrate barbecue season?

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Dinde farcie au citron et piment brûlé

Turkey stuffed with lemon and burnt pepper

A perfect combination of carefully selected ingredients to create a deliciously spicy stuffing, enhanced by the freshness of lemon. Prepare for a feast of exquisite flavors that will be a sensation during your festive meals. 
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Porc effiloché à la mijoteuse

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

Discover the slow cooker pulled pork recipe, prepared by our chef, Charles-Antoine. Let yourself be tempted by the tenderness and aromas of Beaurivage pork shoulder. Our pulled pork promises to delight your taste buds and impress your guests.
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Quiche aux saucisses italiennes

Italian sausage quiche

Discover a happy harmony between France and Italy with the delicious Italian sausage quiche recipe, prepared by our chef, Charles-Antoine. Carefully made from Beaurivage pork , our sausages are the pinnacle of artisanal know-how.
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Filet Mignon IPE enrobé de bacon et chimichurri d'oignon vert sur le BBQ.

IPE Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon and green onion chimichurri on the BBQ.

Discover our delicious recipe for bacon-wrapped filet mignon with BBQ chimichurri. Prepare your barbecue, light the embers and let yourself be seduced by this succulent recipe that will make your meal a real feast.

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Irish Stew is a traditional Irish dish consisting of a slow-cooked beef or lamb stew with vegetables and spices.

The secret to a successful Irish Stew lies in cooking slowly, which allows the meat to tenderize and the flavors to blend harmoniously.

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Marinade de côtes coréennes

Korean rib marinade

Korean ribs, also called short ribs, are a popular Korean specialty that have become a favorite of meat lovers everywhere. This meat is known for its rich, complex flavor, as well as its tender, juicy texture.
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Potage à la citrouille

Pumpkin soup

The pumpkin, symbol of a season that everyone loves, can be eaten as well as decorated. Foodies also see it as a synonym for delight. For us, pumpkin is first and foremost a fresh food, rich in fiber and above all highly versatile!  

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Sauce bordelaise

Bordelaise sauce

Montreal being one of the favorite lands of the French, we present to you our version of entrecôte à la bordelaise, this wonderful dish which combines the richness of a generous steak with a tasty Bordeaux red wine sauce.
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Since many of our products can be grill staples, here is a delicious vegetable side dish recipe that is easy to prepare when it comes time to serve your next grilled meat.
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Poulet aux olives

Olives chicken

With choice ingredients such as Quebec grain-fed chicken thighs , olives, candied lemon, and red peppers, our olive chicken recipe is bursting with flavor.
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Ragoût irlandais à l'agneau

Lamb Irish Stew

Whether you are entertaining for the Irish National Day or you simply want to prepare a family meal, cook the famous Irish Stew with lamb , of course accompanied by a good stout beer.
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