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Comment décongeler la viande sans compromettre sa qualité?

How to defrost meat without compromising its quality?

Our butchers always respect their promise to prepare products of exceptional quality, which is why they reveal two methods for properly defrosting meat.
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Saumurer la dinde

Brining the turkey

Brining a turkey really makes a difference. To try it is to adopt it! It's simple: brining enhances its flavors, makes it more tender and so much juicier. Here are our team's simple tips for brining worthy of a chef.

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Dry rub ou marinade?

Dry rub or marinade?

If you are looking to enhance the flavor of your barbecue meat, dry marinades (colloquially called dry rubs) as well as marinades are ideal. Both being equally tasty and simple to make, how do you know which one to recommend?
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La viande vieillie

Aged meat

The careful process of aging meat, which can also be called “curing,” helps tenderize it and amplify its flavor. So, the more time passes, the more tender and tasty it becomes. 
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La réaction de Maillard

Maillard reaction

Have you noticed that many of our recipes begin by mentioning searing and browning the meat in a pan over high heat? This coloring, called the Maillard reaction, gives more flavor to the meat as well as a more tender texture.

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Que signifie "biologique"?

What does 'biologique' mean?

Organic products have many benefits in addition to being reliable since they are verifiable from the ground to the table. But it can be difficult to pin down what “organic” actually means, so here’s a quick guide to sorting it all out.
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La classification du boeuf

The classification of beef

In Canada, we classify beef into 4 categories which are mainly differentiated by the age of the beef as well as its degree of marbling: Prime, AAA, AA and A.
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Le persillage

The marbling

Marbling refers to the small filaments of fat that dot the meat and is one of the criteria for assigning the quality grade of meat.
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Une belle façon d'encourager nos producteurs locaux

A great way to encourage our local producers

By purchasing one of our producers' kits, you get your hands on a variety of fresh Quebec products at an advantageous price.
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