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Brining the turkey

Brine Your Turkey Like a Chef 

Brining a turkey really makes a difference. To try it is to adopt it! It's simple: brining enhances its flavors, makes it more tender and so much juicier. Here are our team's simple tips for brining worthy of a chef.

The equilibrium brining

This foolproof technique will allow you to brine your turkey in just a few steps. Here they are: 

- Place the raw turkey in a plastic, glass or stainless steel container
- Add cold water until completely covered
- Add 1 to 1.4% of the total weight (turkey + water) in salt
- Mix well so that the salt is completely dissolved *

*Instead of adding the salt directly to the container, mix it separately. To do this, take about 10% of the water that covers the turkey into a container. Heat it and add the salt. Stir until completely dissolved and pour the mixture into the container where your turkey is. 

The length of your brining period depends on the weight of your turkey. In general, it takes 1 hour per pound of meat. In the majority of cases, 24 hours of brining is sufficient. But be careful not to exceed this time. This could make your meat less tender and too salty. 

Important: Before brining your turkey, always make sure it is not already brined. In fact, several industrial turkeys sold vacuum-packed have gone through this process before packaging. 


Valid for all poultry and pork

Brining isn't just for turkey! Also brine your grain-fed chickens, pork tenderloins and more.