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Ranch Bisons Sur Mer

Ranch Bisons Sur Mer

The Ranch Bisons Sur Mer is located in Sainte-Luce, on the banks of the St. Lawrence River and at the gateway to Gaspésie. It is one of the largest natural bison breeding farms in Quebec, with superior quality meat that contains no antibiotics or hormones. Bruno Corbin's family business has lived from his love for his land and his passion for breeding for more than 30 years now.
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Ferme Richard Lemay

Richard Lemay Farm

What sets this farm apart is its commitment to environmentally friendly, free-range farming. Their deer offer healthier, hormone-free meat compared to industrial farms, while reducing environmental impact.
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Le Porc de Beaurivage

The Pig of Beaurivage

Le Porc de Beaurivage farm is dedicated to the ethical breeding of high-quality pigs, according to the highest industry standards. With the advantage of proximity to regional slaughterhouses, it proudly offers its various livestock products to its customers.
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Ferme Dix-Cors

Dix-Cors farm

Located in Pierreville (Centre-du-Québec) the Dix-Cors farm has been specializing in the breeding of Quebec red deer of exceptional quality since 2009.
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Bergeries Marovine

Les Bergeries Marovine

Les Bergeries Marovine have been offering exceptional quality lamb for over 15 years thanks to the exemplary practices of producer duo Martin Brodeur-Choquette and Johanne Cameron.
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Miels d'Anicet

Miels d'Anicet

Miels d'Anicet, a beekeeping farm founded in 2001 by Anicet Desrochers and Anne-Virginie Schmidt, produces a range of organic honeys in the Upper Laurentians. Their lifework is to produce a high quality product with the smallest possible footprint on the environment.
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La Ferme des Quatre-Temps

The Farm of the Four Seasons

La Ferme des Quatre-Temps is an agricultural project inspired by agroecology. They grow organic vegetables, raise cows, pigs and chickens in a respectful way and transform meats into artisanal charcuterie and sausages.
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Ferme Bio-Rard

Organic Farm-Rard

La Ferme Bio-Rard is a family business located in Ange-Gardien, in the Montérégie region, which specializes in raising organic poultry. 
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Boucherie Montréal - Producteurs québécois - Ferme d'ORée

La ferme d'ORée

For nearly 20 years, La ferme d'ORée has been an environmental family farm in the Eastern Townships that raises grass-fed beef, lamb, poultry and pastured pork.

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Boucherie Montréal - Producteurs québécois - Ferme La rose des vents

Ferme la Rose des vents

La Ferme la rose des vents, an authentic and passionate family business, has been raising high quality poultry in the Laurentians for three generations.

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Boucherie Montréal - Boeuf Ile du Prince Édouard

PEI beef certification

Producers in Prince Edward Island are committed to providing quality beef, sourced from a healthy environment and an active and free pastoral lifestyle.

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Boucherie Montréal - Producteurs québécois - Ferme La Canardière

La Canardière farm

La Canardière is a farm located in Carignanthat specializes in the artisanal production of foie gras from ducks fed on whole grain corn.

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