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Le Porc de Beaurivage

The Pig of Beaurivage

We are proud to announce our new partner, Le Porc de Beaurivage farm. It's a family story that began over 100 years ago and has been passed down from generation to generation. For 4 generations, the Lefebvre family has raised its herd of pigs with care, ensuring their well-being and nutrition.

Le Porc de Beaurivage farm is dedicated to the ethical breeding of high-quality pigs, according to the highest industry standards. With the advantage of proximity to regional slaughterhouses, it proudly offers its various livestock products to its customers.

The Lefebvre family started with a farm including dairy cows, pigs and chickens to support the family. Over the years, pig production became the priority and they even built a maternity ward to facilitate management of the management and health of their herd.

At Le Porc de Beaurivage, quality is the top priority. We are proud to count him among our partners and to offer you the best possible pork, from birth to your table.