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Boucherie Montréal - Producteurs québécois - Ferme La Canardière

La Canardière farm

Located in Carignan, la Canardière farm is a small family operation specializing in the artisanal production of foie gras and mulard ducks. The ducks are raised according to traditional practice and are fed exclusively on natural whole corn kernels. La Canardière is run by Véronique Fleury and her two sons: Clément, head of sales, and Maxime, head of production

Véronique, Clément et Maxime, Ferme La Canardière

Originally from southwestern France, a region where foie gras is part of the gastronomic tradition, Véronique moved to Quebec in the 1980s. The idea of raising ducks came to her while talking with her sister-in-law, Francette: every time they wanted quality foie gras, it was impossible to find it. Where there was a problem, was also a solution. Since Véronique and Francette came from an agricultural background, they decided to start their own foie gras production.

Theirs was the first foie gras production in Quebec in 1988. At first, the two women brought in Barbary ducklings from California since this breed was not available here. They even picked them up at the airport themselves. "I can't tell you how difficult our beginnings were. We learned a lot on our own," says Véronique.

In 2000, each of them went their own way to start their own business. Véronique, cultivating a love for work well done and the promotion of local products, continued her work as an artisan. La Canardière was born with mulard ducklings, a cross between a Peking female and a Barbary male.


Canard nourri aux grains entiers

Even today, there are very few producers in Quebec who raise this type of duck in the traditional way as La Canardière does. They are fattened manually, exclusively on whole corn kernels, morning and night for fourteen days. Although this process takes longer, it yields incredible results in terms of taste and texture. 

Clément and Maxime have taken over the reins of the company while applying Véronique's philosophy to ensure the high quality of their production. Their rigorous work standards have led them to supply and be recognized by dozens of the greatest chefs in Canada.

You can discover the excellent products of La Canardière by visiting our Duck section. If you are looking for inspiration, we recommend that you try our pre-cooked duck magret at 52ºC, which takes only a few minutes to prepare and allows you to fully savour the distinct taste of this duck.

Ferme La Canardière