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Boucherie Montréal - Boeuf Ile du Prince Édouard

PEI beef certification

Cattle farming is a staple of Prince Edward Island's heritage. For generations, the Island’s farmers have raised cattle in a traditional and holistic way. Even today, beef continues to be raised by small family owned farms who reject the industrial livestock production model on their territory, preferring quality over quantity.

These producers embrace the essence of the island and deliver AAA and Prime quality beef. The cattle raised here maintain a peaceful and pastoral lifestyle, free to graze on the vast pastures grown on iron-rich soil,  be active and enjoy the fresh sea air. They are finished on high quality grass and fodder as well as the famous Prince Edward Island potatoes. In addition, the cattle are raised without hormones or antibiotics. All of these factors combine to create the distinctive taste of this exceptional quality beef.

To ensure consistency in their product, producers have committed to the following certification standards: 

  • Certified Prince Edward Island beef producers are committed to focus on quality and flavor to produce superior meat;
  • Cattle are raised locally on small family owned farms;
  • All farmers who raise cattle for PEI Certified Beef have completed courses of humane handling of livestock;
  • Fair trade: every sale guarantees that the money will go to support the livestock producers;
  • Quality grades are exclusively Prime and AAA;
  • Cattle are raised without growth hormones and are antibiotic free for at least 100 days before being released on the market;
  • All animals are under 30 months of age and can be traced to their birth farm.

Certification Boeuf de l'Île-du-Prince-Édouard 



In addition to the AAA and Prime grades of beef offered by Prince Edward Island Certified Beef, there is also the Blue Dot Reserve grade which comes from the top third of Prime cattle. They are carefully selected to provide the most delectable beef. In fact, Blue Dot Reserve certified beef has superior quality marbling and the most exceptional flavour.

Blue Dot Reserve AAA