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Boucherie Montréal - Producteurs québécois - Ferme La rose des vents

Ferme la Rose des vents

Located in Mont-Laurier in the Laurentians,  Ferme la Rose des vents is a family business that has been raising poultry using rigorous methods for three generations. Fed only vegetable grain feed, without antibiotics, and without animal by-products, their chickens are raised in comfortable, vast and well controlled spaces. 

The adventure began in 1979 when Jean-Guy Lacelle and his wife Diane took over their father's dairy farm. The business grew overtime, as did the family, with all  four children who inherited their parents’ passion for agriculture.

 A wind of change blew over the farm in 2000 and the family sold the dairy herd and focused their production on beef and grain-fed poultry.  

In 2004, when the freezer and chicken house were devastated by a fire, major decisions were again required . At that time, their daughter Geneviève returned from her studies in butchery and professional cooking. The family decides to embark on a new adventure by opening a butcher shop. With this change, Myrianne, who had always shown interest in taking over the business, joined the family and they widened their focus to include the art of butchery of poultry, beef and wild game in addition to product transformation.

In 2014, as the demand for grain-fed chicken grew, they reorganized the business with focus on their core objective: poultry breeding and transformation. With this in mind, they even built their own abattoir to eliminate animal stress during transport and ensure animal welfare from start to finish. 

Chickens are taken in charge from the hatchery on day one. They are raised in huge barns lined with wood litter and are fed exclusively a vegetable grain mix prepared directly on the farm, without antibiotics or animal products. The result is authentic and flavourful chicken raised with the greatest respect for the animals and the environment until they are ready for production. 

Thanks to the on site abattoir, the slaughtering process and product transformation are taken care of directly by the family. This accountability from ground to the plate is what makes Ferme Rose des vents poultry a product of superior quality.

You can discover the excellent products of Ferme la Rose des vents by visiting our poultry section. If you are looking for inspiration, we suggest their juicy chicken breasts that are perfect for any occasion or our remarkable homemade chicken pâté ready to be put in the oven.

Ferme La Rose des Vents