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Boucherie Montréal - Producteurs québécois - Ferme d'ORée

La ferme d'ORée

Situated in Cookshire-Eaton, Ferme d’ORée is a permaculture farm, meaning they practice holistic  agriculture in which activities are sustainable and revolve around the rhythm of nature. Behind the project are Gert Janssens and Sarah Hui. Neither had previous farming experience when starting their project, but both shared a desire to live in harmony with nature and cultivate the land while building relationships with the community. Their mission, "to produce quality food that heals the planet and its people, one bite at a time."

Ferme d'ORée

Since their first pasture raised pork in 2002, they have learned and grown a lot. In their beginnings, Gert and Sarah decided to establish their practice with beekeeping and sustainable farming, a rather bold choice as this was not at all common practice in Quebec.

Porc de Berkshire

Since then, their production has evolved, and they now focus on grass-fed beef, pastured pork, lamb, eggs, unpasteurized honey and now also certified organic vegetable baskets. Recently, they have added even more strings to their bow with the creation of their own small on-site butcher shop as well as an Old Clyde smokehouse.

Gert and Sarah believe that when we talk about eating responsibly, it means offering a great tasting product at a reasonable price while using a sustainable production method as freely as possible.

To do this, they start by paying particular attention to animal diet. This duo of enthusiasts wishes to maximize the use of pasture to reduce as much as possible the dependence on grain. A grain diet is sometimes recommended by the industrial farming model because the animals can be fed abundantly and thus grow quickly, but it is not a natural diet for them. Such a diet is contrary to Gert and Sarah's values and to ensure an adequate supply of energy, they opt instead to sometimes add recycled vegetable cuttings to their grass.


Boeuf nourri à l'herbe

We are proud to be able to give you access to two of their products that are sustainably raised from birth to plate, namely their Berkshire pastured pork and their 100% grass-fed beef, one of the few in Quebec that is not finished on grain.

Our Box of Quebec Beef is the perfect way to enjoy the excellence of Ferme D'ORée's beef, while the Berkshire pork collar steaks will surprise you with their succulent tenderness and unique flavour.

Ferme d'Orée