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Ferme Bio-Rard

Organic Farm-Rard

Ferme Bio-Rard is a family business located in Ange-Gardien, in the Montérégie region. Since 2003, it has specialized in the production of organic feed and the raising of organic poultry. Using natural practices, without antibiotics or growth hormones, as well as feed that is guaranteed to be pesticide and herbicide free, Mario and Johanne Bérard and their children Karine, Annie and Donald make every effort to offer a high quality organic product.

Organic feed production and sustainable poultry farming is an integral part of the Bérard family’s daily life. They pay attention to every detail, from composting to raising their own vegetables, and it is with the aim of transmitting these values that they opt for production methods that align with their vision.

In 2003, after over 30 years at the helm, Mario passed the family business to his son Donald. That same year, following Annie's proposal, the mill that followed traditional production methods since 1980 took an organic turn. Striving to provide the best organic feed possible, the Bérard  family started a small chicken farm to test their new feed. This seemed like a great opportunity to transform their poultry production as well. 

After researching the benefits of organic farming the entrepreneurs quickly realized its many benefits and since 2008, their production has been certified organic by the On-Farm Food Safety Assurance Program. The farm was transformed to comply with current standards and offer an even higher quality environment to the animals, providing them with more natural light as well as outdoor pens for more freedom.

The corn, soybeans, wheat, barley, peas and oats are entirely organic and sourced from local producers whenever possible. This healthy, antibiotic-free feed translates into high quality poultry. 

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