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Bergeries Marovine

Les Bergeries Marovine

LES BERGERIES MAROVINE Les Bergeries Marovine sheepfold have been offering exceptional quality lamb for over 15 years. Located in Saint-Charles-sur-Richelieu, this project is the work of Martin Brodeur-Choquette and Johanne Cameron, a couple of producers who were brought together by their passion about sheep. While he bought his first ewe at the age of 15, she studied agronomy and did a master's degree on the use of photoperiod in sheep production. Thanks to Johanne's expertise, they were able to apply the photoperiod for the reproductive cycle of their ewes in order to obtain a year-round production of lambs. The duo pays particular attention to the feeding of their animals and grow corn silage and alfalfa for forage directly on the land. Three breeds of sheep are raised at Les Bergeries Marovine, each selected for its main qualities: the Romanovs for their great fertility, the Leicesters for their maternal instinct and good milk production, and finally the Hampshire for their exceptional meat quality and high yield. The 2,000 animals are spread over four sites, each with its own mission: fattening, breeding, gestation, calving and weaning. When they are about 5 to 6 months old, the lambs will leave the sheepfold. You can discover the excellent products of Bergeries Marovine by visiting our Lamb section. If you are looking for inspiration, we suggest the saddle of lamb, a piece that deserves to be known, is surprisingly easy to master and that will allow you to appreciate all the know-how of Martin and Johanne.