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La classification du boeuf

The classification of beef

At Édouard et Léo, we encourage the consumption of quality local meat, but we still need to understand how it is evaluated.

In Canada, we classify beef into 4 categories which are mainly differentiated by the age of the beef as well as its degree of marbling: Prime, AAA, AA and A.

Their quality is also measured by greater uniformity in the weight of the carcasses and their genetic background.

In our butchery, only products of the two best grades, AAA for our Quebec beef and Prime for our Prince Edward Island selection, are offered.


Boeuf Prime
The Prime classification mainly comes from beef aged less than 30 months with very abundant marbling, which is why you will generally find a little more flavor in this type of meat.

DID YOU KNOW... only 2% of all steers can achieve this grade?

Boeuf AAA
Regarding the AAA classification, it also comes from beef less than 30 months old but with marbling ranging from abundant to moderate. This allows you to have meat that is still very tasty. About half of the oxen obtain this grade.

Boeuf AA
The AA classification comes from a beef less than 30 months old where the marbling ranges from moderate to light. This represents approximately 45% of cattle. 

Boeuf A
The last category is grade A which includes approximately 3% of oxen. It is awarded again to a 30 month or month steer, but with very little marbling. Having less marbling and therefore a little less flavor, this classification is often used with sauces and marinades


Although it is often mentioned in advertisements or on the menu of certain restaurants, Angus is not a grade as such. It is more of a breed of beef and it is mainly its large amount of tender meat as well as its usually high marbling that makes it so popular.


Boeuf du Québec  Boeuf de l'Ile-du-Prince-Édouard

Beef from Quebec                                     Beef from Prince Edward Island