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Beef and pork hot-dog sausages

450 g


Discover our tasty Édouard et Léo beef and pork hot dog sausage. This delicious culinary creation perfectly combines the richness of beef and the tenderness of pork, to offer an unparalleled taste experience.

Made with top quality ingredients, our hot dog sausage is the result of the know-how of our butchers. Each bite will take you on a journey to the heart of authentic flavors, with its subtle blend of carefully selected spices.


The Édouard and Léo butchers are part of the Hoogan and Beaufort group. With our expertise in cooking and processing, our prepared products are made with love by our chefs in order to use the whole animal and offer you quality products.

Ingredients and allergens

Bœuf, porc, sel, paprika fumé, poivre noir, ail, coriandre, mélasse, eau

Additional information

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Curing : jours
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Portion(s) : 6
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