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Gourmand Quebec beef patties

500 g

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State: Frozen
Piece(s) :4 × 125 g
Curing:14 days
Origin: Québec

Gourmand Quebec beef patties

Need to impress your friends or feed a whole family? Don't waste any more time and arguments on who’s got the best meatball recipe. Our beef patties are already prepared for you with different aromatics. All our burger patties are delivered frozen to ensure quality, so all you have to do is defrost them, follow your favourite recipe and enjoy.


We work with local farmers in order to offer you pasture-raised Quebec beef. To assure quality, we choose producers who are conscientious about animal well-being, and focus on raising their cattle without hormones or antibiotics. We offer you beef equivalent to grade AAA or higher at all time. For unique flavour, tenderness and quality marbling, we prioritize the Angus breed.


Cooking tip :

  • Defrost the patties the day before or under cold water.
  • Cook in a skillet or on the BBQ until they are cooked to your liking.
  • Serve and enjoy.