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Marinated PEI flat iron steak


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State: Fresh
Piece(s) :2 × 170 g
Origin: Prince Edward Island

Marinated PEI flat iron steak

The macreuse comes from the shoulder of the beef, more precisely from the region of the scapula. With its strong flavour and remarkable tenderness thanks to its strong marbling, it is a great alternative to flank steak. Already coated with a delicious marinade that makes it even more tender and tasty, the preparation of the meal will be quick and easy.


To help you discover exceptional products, we invite you to explore the unique quality of Prince Edward Island beef. Their first-class reputation did not come by chance. Raised according to very strict specifications that advocate animal welfare, these cattle are raised without added hormones and are antibiotic-free at the time of slaughter. The farmers who raise the Prince Edward Island cattle have been working hard for several generations with the sole aim of offering you a product of extraordinary quality. The "Blue Dot" selection from Prince Edward Island corresponds to the Prime grade, which represents the highest quality and most marbled Canadian beef.


Conseil :

Température de cuisson : saignant (54ºC)

  • Sortir et tempérer la viande environ 15 minutes avant cuisson.
  • Saisir la viande à feu moyennement élevé environ 2 minutes de chaque côté (bien surveiller la viande, car la marinade accélère la coloration de celle-ci).
  • Continuer la cuisson jusqu’à ce qu’elle atteigne 52ºC à cœur, en la retournant régulièrement.
  • Laisser reposer la viande sur une grille et l’envelopper de papier d’aluminium afin d’aller chercher 2 degrés supplémentaires.
  • Servir et déguster.