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Quebec beef picanha

400 g

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Quebec beef picanha

Are you looking for a unique and delicious piece of meat to grill? Get off the beaten path and try our Quebec beef picanha ! Located in the sirloin, this piece is very marbled and juicy, which makes it a perfect piece to grill. Allow yourself to be inspired by its trademark layer of fat and let your culinary talents do the talking.


We work with local farmers in order to offer you pasture-raised Quebec beef. To assure quality, we choose producers who are conscientious about animal well-being, and focus on raising their cattle without hormones or antibiotics. We offer you beef equivalent to grade AAA or higher at all time. For unique flavour, tenderness and quality marbling, we prioritize the Angus breed.

Cooking tip

Cooking temperature: 56ºC

Take out and temper the meat about 15 minutes before cooking.
Generously salt both sides.
Sear the meat over medium-high heat for about 3 minutes on each side.
Reduce the intensity to medium and continue cooking, turning the meat regularly, until the interior temperature reaches 54ºC.
Remove from heat, wrap in aluminium foil and let rest to allow the meat to gain an additional 2 degrees.
Cut the picanha against the grain and serve.

Ingredients and allergens

Quebec Beef

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