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Ground Berkshire pork, semi-lean (Quebec)

500 g

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State: Frozen
Piece(s) :1 × 500 g
Origin: Québec

Ground Berkshire pork, semi-lean

The superior quality of Quebec pork and freshness control by our team make our ground pork the perfect ingredient for burgers, meatballs, fine stuffing, meat sauce, tacos and thousands of other recipes. Berkshire pork will easily take your classics to a whole new level.


Berkshire pork is a very different breed of pork than the ones usually found on the market. This breed of pork is above all chosen for its marbled flesh and the higher pH level which makes its meat darker, more flavourful and more tender than the conventional pork such as the Duroc and the Yorkshire. 


We choose to work with farmers that raise their pork on free-range pasture, without growth hormones or antibiotics and with as little stress as possible.  This breeding practice focused on respect for the animal's well-being allows for optimal meat quality while promoting sustainability.