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Quebec filet mignon steaks

340 g

2 Quebec filet mignon steaks

Who doesn't love a delicious filet mignon? Cut from the smaller end of the beef tenderloin, this muscle is rarely solicited by the animal and thus offers the most tender piece possible. Although it is very lean, the delicate tenderness of the filet mignon makes it one of the most searched-for cuts by beef lovers. Grill it or sear it in a pan, only make sure to cook it rare to prepare the most exquisite meal for your loved ones!


The Quebec beef that we offer comes from pasture-raised without hormones and antibiotics in order to offer a beef with a unique taste, without however putting aside the well-being of the animal. Thanks to the rigorous selection of our producers, we offer you beef equivalent to AAA quality or higher at all times. In addition, to ensure quality marbling and tenderness, Angus breed animals are given priority.

Cooking tip

Cooking temperature: rare (54ºC)

- Take out and let the meat temper about 15 minutes before cooking.
- Generously salt each side.
- Sear the meat over high heat for about 2 minutes on each side until lightly browned.
- Reduce the intensity of the heat and cook until it reaches 52ºC at the core, while turning the meat regularly.
- Let the meat rest in aluminum foil for 10 minutes so that it gains an additional 2 degrees.
- Serve and enjoy.

Ingredients and allergens

Quebec beef

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