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Beef striploin PEI (Prime)

400 g

Beef striploin PEI (Prime)

If you are a rare or medium-rare beef lover, you will love this piece. This muscle that works little will allow you to cook it without having to marinate it or tenderize it with long cooking. Because striploin is well marbled and tender, it's a great cut to impress your friends and family without too much hassle.


To help you discover exceptional products, we invite you to explore the unique quality of Prince Edward Island beef. Their first-class reputation did not come by chance. Raised according to very strict specifications that advocate animal welfare, these cattle are raised without added hormones and are antibiotic-free at the time of slaughter. The farmers who raise the Prince Edward Island cattle have been working hard for several generations with the sole aim of offering you a product of extraordinary quality. The "Blue Dot" selection from Prince Edward Island corresponds to the Prime grade, which represents the highest quality and most marbled Canadian beef.

Cooking tip

Cooking temperature : Medium-rare (56ºC)

- Take out and temper the meat about 15 minutes before cooking.
- Generously salt each side.
- Sear the meat over medium-high heat for about 3 minutes on each side.
- Reduce heat to medium and continue cooking, turning the steak regularly, until the interior temperature of the meat reaches 54ºC.
- Let the meat rest on a cooling rack and wrap it in aluminum foil to gain the remaining 2 degrees.
- Cut the striploin against the grain and serve.

Ingredients and allergens

PEI Beef

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